Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pin Up on a Budget - Amazon

Hey, you gorgeous gals!

SO.  If you're like me, you don't have a ton of extra cash laying around.  I wish!  I'm a stay at home mom, and it's important for me to be able to stretch my dollars as far as they can go.

I do splurge on good quality pieces, like Pin Up Girl Clothing, now and then. I was able to snag a Heidi dress for 25% off last week, who could pass that up?  I'm saving up for my first Lindy Bop and can't decide if I want to try a skirt or a dress first.

I've been dressing with a pin-up, sometimes rockabilly kind of vibe for years now, but it's only been the past year or two that I've really gotten serious about expanding my own wardrobe and saying to heck with what anyone else thinks or wears, I'm wearing what I like, what I am comfortable in, and what makes me feel the best about myself.

So the search began...  and the search continues!  Of course, I love thrift stores and yard sales, but it can be tricky to find what you're looking for and it takes a lot of work to look through everything.

If you have any tips or must haves, please feel free to comment.  I'm always open to suggestions.  ;) For today, I thought I'd focus on one place, and perhaps start a bit of a series of sorts. Sound good?  I'll share a new place with great deals each time.

One of my favorite places to shop online is, of course, Amazon!  I know I've posted before that I do a lot of surveys and such and I earn a fair amount of Amazon gift cards, Amazon wishlist may or may not be ohhhhh, about 400 items long at the moment.

Amazon has EVerYthing...and I've found some decent prices on pinup and rockabilly looks.

I've recently been very impressed with MUXXN.  Now, the quality is not on par with a $100 dress, but for the prices listed on Amazon right now, I feel they're more than fair.

Most items are under $40, and for a pinup style dress, you don't find that much. I feel like they're great starter pieces! I have purchased five of their dresses so far (though, one didn't work out for me so I returned it, and another wasn't quite the right fit, my size mistake, and I sold it), I'll have to take some photos of what I've got and do a bit of a review. The ever so lovely Lindsey Rae just wore the Retro Capshoulder Swing Dress in red to a Pinups for Patriots event and she looked SMASHING!

Another Amazon option, if you have Prime, especially, is Lindy Bop. Now, some of their items are a bit pricey, and I think their own website's selection is much better, but there is quite the treasure trove on Amazon and some great deals to be had. I've noticed several skirts for just $35.99, shipped with Prime!

As I don't own any Lindy Bop yet, I can't speak for the quality. However, I've heard nothing but fabulous things about them and I'd imagine you could expect more than you could from, say, MUXXN.

I've noticed some great retro inspired sunglasses, too. ZeroUV especially seems to have some great prices. Most are under $10!

I ordered a pair a few weeks ago (aaaaand subsequently lost them!), I have another pair set to arrive in a day or two and I'm going to see if I can have my prescription put into them. I'm excited! It'll be my very first pair of prescription sunglasses.


  1. I lost one of my pairs already too!!! Ugh

    1. I found mine!! THE DAY THE NEW ONES ARRIVED! Hahaha

  2. I lost one of my pairs already too!!! Ugh