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Dani Correlle - Hi!  I'm Dani.  I'm 30 year old stay at home mom, to two daughters.  I live in Pennsylvania.  I miss living at the beach, but even though I've moved around my whole life, it feels good to put down roots.  Married at 19 (young love!).  My husband is a veteran and currently a firefighter/paramedic as well as volunteer firefighter.  I grew up as a "military brat."  I am deeply patriotic and understand what it is like to be the one who waits.  We have two dogs (lab - Ciara and Dalmatian - Halligan), a cat (Jack, after Sparrow, naturally), and two betta fish (Farkle Minkus and Finn Ryder).  My interests include being a modern day June Cleaver, baking, arts and crafts (currently learning to sew, and buying way too many flowers to make hair pieces!), vintage and retro fashion, GLITTER, and thoroughly enjoy being a girl.  I love flamingos and palm trees and all things tiki.  I'm entirely addicted to Diet Pepsi (well, I was until they changed it!). Love to snuggle up with a blanket, a cup of hot tea, and a good book...even in the middle of Summer.  Currently late to the party in gushing over the Outlander series.  I recently started volunteering with Pinups for Patriots and believe wholeheartedly in their mission to bring back old school patriotism.  

While Hips and Cherry Lips is new, I've been blogging here and there for about seven years now (if you don't count LiveJournal'ing for years before that!)  

Email me at

Lindsey Rae - Hello, I'm Lindsey Rae, and yes, that's my real name ;)  I'm 30 years old, and I am a stay at home Mom to two amazing miracle kiddos who are 15 months apart. I recently started volunteering for Pinups for Patriots. I have a deep respect for all servicemen and women! I work for myself part time as an educational consultant bringing children's books and activities into homes, schools and libraries! Expanding literacy to all children is my passion! My life revolves around my hilarious, busy toddlers and my amazing, hard working husband who is an Emergency Clinical Assistant at our local hospital. He also works as a Paramedic part time for a few different companies.  I am a child of a veteran and grew up with veteran family members. My interests include singing, coloring, baking and party planning just for fun.  I love all things vintage and would live in pinup clothes every day if I could. My vices include chocolate, junk food, potatoes, and Sweet Tea ;)  I used to write and blog all the time through blogger and myspace but kind of fell out of it. Hoping this gets me back in line because I missed it!

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