Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss Review

Hello loves!

Finally sitting down to write this post, my apologies that it has taken SO long! Like my partner in crime, Danielle, I too was offered the chance at reviewing the Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss line, from Dr. Sun Rx.  

Danielle said it amazingly, so I'll just echo her!  "The creators of Podz, and Dr. Sun Rx teamed up with Duck Dynasty's own Jessica Robertson to launch a selection of nourishing beauty products.  The lip gloss line features a rich and creamy formula to smooth your lips into the perfect pout."

You've probably seen Jessica Robertson on TV, she's a very fashionable mom and wife, on Duck Dynasty. I don't watch the show myself but I've seen her do several appearances on the TV circuit and she always looks stunning!

                                                 (Stock Picture from HERE)

Now, its only been in recent years that I've considered myself "girly"...Typically I find that I like being a bit more low maintenance.  That being said, I've ALWAYS loved lip gloss! I love the way it feels on and just brightens your face!  Even when I go more simplistic with my make up, I always use a great lip color!!

The typical collection features 6 colors, featured above! I was given Cherry Red, Cotton Candy and Nude for the purposes of this review.  At first glance I loved the fashionable wands and the shiny handle! It was comfortable in my hand and easy to find in my cavern of a purse...when I took the time to carry one ;)


Of the three colors I was given (seen above), my favorite was certainly the cherry red, because what is pinup modeling without a signature red lip? ;)  I do like them ALL though. I found that they apply very smoothly and I loved the moisturizing feel and pleasant smell!

Cherry Red has been my go to for days that I'm doing my signature pin up look.

I love the Nude for days that I want to go with more of a low key, fresh face look.  The colors above are very true to what you get, its a great color!  I did notice when I looked on the website, the nude color reads much lighter than what is shown here and what I received...just FYI. :)

The Cotton Candy is actually SO great to use as a cheek color!!  I put a few dabs on the apples of my cheeks after I've applied my moisturizer and foundation and then just use my clean fingertips to blend  out and upwards towards my temple, using a circular and swiping motion.  Such a fun way to get more than one use out of the lip gloss and I found it to be a PERFECT hue.   Plus I am not a fan of harsh blush looks so this just gives a hint of pink and makes your face look very natural ;)

My daughter being an ADORABLE model. She's wearing Cotton Candy! She loves when I let her wear my "Mate Up"

Like most lip glosses, I do find that they staying power could be a TAD better.  BUT with such a smooth application, reapplying is a breeze. I hate when you go to reapply a lipgloss and it is sticky or waxy. NONE of that mess here :)

You can purchase these lip glosses at pretty much any tanning salon near you, or through

If I were to purchase from the line, I would definitely love to try the lip gloss in Mocha or Berry!!  I'm also planning to try the Podz line at some point hopefully!!